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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 2 comments

Lovie Dovie (how cute is that name?!) is a recent discovery for me. I thought I knew everything about Essie's permanent collection polishes as well as polishes released in collections, but this baby slipped by me! It's not offered in the Essie displays at any of my regular spots in town so maybe that's why. When Estee from Essie Button posted a video earlier this Spring, this colour showed up on her nails and ended up in a monthly favourites video. It's such a pretty medium pink and I owned nothing like it. After this colour was on my radar, I feel like it showed up everywhere! People I follow on Instagram were wearing it or posting about did I not know about this colour? Alright, alright, I need it. You don't need to tell me twice.


Like I said, all my regular spots didn't carry this colour, but does, so I ordered it. I did some quick research, trying to figure out when this pretty shade came out and it looks like it was part of the Summer 2006 release. Now it's part of their permanent collection.

The formula is great. Two easy coats. It's creamy and covers well. It's the perfect Spring and Summer pink shade for both your fingers or toes. It's a bit difficult to capture the true colour, and when I upload my pics to blogger it wants to saturate the colours more than they really are, but the photo below shows the true colour of Lovie Dovie. Basically exactly a cool Barbie pink, and very flattering on.


I have some major love for Lovie Dovie. 

Do you own this pink? Had you ever heard of it before or is this your first time as well?


  • Adry said...

    I saw a video on YouTube where this color was discussed and it's been on my wis list ever since. It is not part of the permanent line in Mexico so I can't get here but someday it shall be mine!

  • the ice queen said...

    Have been on the lookout for this polish after reading this post a few months back but have never seen it on displays in Massachusetts. Finally scooped it up at a marshall's yesterday and can't wait to try it. Your site is the best guide re: formulas, dupes, etc. when I'm in the hunt for new polish (which, let's be real, is most of the time)!

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