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Tuesday, April 7, 2015 8 comments

Essie Boxer Shorts is a colour you never hear about, but I'm here to bring this colour some much needed attention! It was originally released in the Fall 2012 Yogaga Collection and from what I've found online, the collection didn't receive too much attention then either. I'm really not too sure why? The collection was based on wearable serene neutrals with names based on yoga and going to the gym, but since the Stylenomics Collection was also released that same Fall, maybe people gravitated more towards that collection.


This was a random find for me on the clearance shelves of Shopper's Drug Mart.  I picked it up a year ago, knowing nothing about it, but as soon as I put it on I knew it was a winner.  It's a very flattering and pretty periwinkle blue that leans to the purple side.

The formula is beautiful.  Creamy and opaque and covers so well in one coat, to the point that if you had short nails you could probably get away with only one.  I applied two for longevity of the manicure.  It's so nice to work with; smooth and not too thick or thin.


Essie Boxer Shorts vs Lapiz of Luxury vs Suite Retreat

Boxer Shorts is very very similar to Essie's popular shade Lapiz of Luxury. It is a shade darker and maybe a touch more purple but the formula is light years better. Lapiz of Luxury is thin and watery, requiring three coats for full opacity.  Boxer shorts is very creamy and opaque in one to two coats. For me, Boxer Shorts far superior in formula so I really don't understand how people didn't latch on to this polish! 

It's quite a bit lighter in shade to Essie's new Suite Retreat but I wanted to show a comparison anyway just to give a point of reference.
Left to Right: Essie Suite Retreat, Boxer Shorts, and Lapiz of Luxury

I love this colour and am so happy it is a part of my collection. Getting your hands on it may be a bit difficult though.  I recently saw it in my local London Drugs, but it is not part of the permanent collection. If you can't find it in stores where you live, ebay may be your best bet.


  • Kindra said...

    I know what you mean Rudi! The colour and formula are so good. My fingers are crossed for you that you'll come across a random sale bin bottle!

  • Tess said...

    Can someone please post a link to where I can find this on eBay?(or anywhere else for that matter) I've been searching high and low, but can't find it anywhere. I'm trying to collect the entire yogaga collection, which seems impossible :(

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