Essie Aqua Comparison : Where's My Chauffeur, In the Cab-ana, I'm Addicted & Strut Your Stuff

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My comparison post of pale pinks was so popular I thought I would do another one, but this time comparing some fun Spring & Summertime aqua blues. They range a bit from turquoise aqua to cobalt aqua, but they are all gorgeous. So let's dive it!

Where's My Chauffeur vs In the Cab-ana vs I'm Addicted vs Strut Your Stuff

Left to Right: Where's My Chauffeur, In the Cab-ana, I'm Addicted & Strut Your Stuff

I love a good bright aqua blue polish and I think a lot of others do too. I always find them the most popular shades in collection releases. I wish I had the new blue 'Garden Variety' to review and pair up with these shades, but I don't own it. I think it would fit in nicely somewhere on this spectrum. If I ever get my greedy Essie mitts on it, I will be sure to come back and update this post!

Left to Right: Where's My Chauffeur, In the Cab-ana, I'm Addicted & Strut Your Stuff
Among this mix of aquas, the far left shade Where's My Chauffeur leans the most green to where it's actually a turquoise. In the Cab-ana I've never thought of as being turquoise, but it's weird how green it leans when it's butted up next to another turquoise polish. I'm Addicted and Strut Your Stuff are very closely related bright aquas that lean the most blue, but Strut Your Stuff on the very end is a shade darker.

Where's My Chauffeur?

This beauty came out in the Winter 2012 Collection called Leading Lady. It's a beautiful, opulent turquoise. The formula of it is thin and easy to control. While it is thin, it covers completely on the second coat. It's also pretty self-leveling. It dries shiny, but I used topcoat for these photos anyway. There was no staining of my nails or skin when I removed this polish which is a bonus! 

In the Cab-ana

In the Cab-ana was released in the 2013 Resort Collection. It's a very pretty aqua azure. While it is similar in colour to Where's My Chauffeur, it leans more blue and has a much thicker formula. It's very opaque and covers completely on one coat, although a couple nails needed a second coat, so I just did two coats for all in these pics. I do love that the polish is so opaque, but that can also cause trouble with application as it gets older. My bottle is two years old and half gone, so the formula had thickened up quite a bit making application a pain. I thinned it with some nail polish thinner which restored it and made it much better to apply. With that being said, this polish doesn't completely self-level so a good top coat is needed. In the Cab-ana stains the skin a bit when you remove the polish. 

I'm Addicted

This bright and cheerful polish came out in last year's 2014 Neon Collection. I love this ultra bright aquamarine blue. The formula is kind of thin. It's not as opaque as the other four polishes, but flows onto the nail easily and is easy to control. It's a bit streaky and my nails were still a bit patchy after two coats, and in some places I could see my nail through the polish. Since this was part of the neon collection, it is meant to be worn over white, so having a more transparent formula makes sense. Over white this polish would be REALLY bright. I did three coats of polish on it's own. It looks perfect, smooth and opaque in 3 coats. Since it's a neon it dries matte, so you'll want a good topcoat to get shiny nails. It also lightly stained my nails after I removed it, so you'll definitely want to make sure you use a base coat. I should also mention that even though this colour was in the "Neon" collection, it's not an over the top and obnoxious true-neon blue.  It's just a beautiful bright blue. 

Strut Your Stuff

This compelling cobalt aqua was released in the 2014 Summer Collection called Haute in the Heat. All the formula's from that collection were phenomenal and this one is no different. It's not too thick or too thin or at all streaky. It's super easy to apply and control and it's completely self-leveling. In two coats, this baby applies like a dream. It dries super shiny and I didn't use a topcoat for these photos, although in real life I never skip topcoat. But I'm saying you could, if you wanted to. This does stain your nails a bit, so make sure you use base coat.

I can say without a doubt, that I love the colour of each of these aqua polishes and ALL of them make gorgeous manicures or pedicures. But as for formula, Strut Your Stuff was my absolute favourite. It's easy application and stellar formula stole my heart. Where's My Chauffeur is a close second. That one applied super easy as well.

PicMonkey Collage

As for availability, that could be interesting. I'm not sure if any of these polishes were added to the permanent display, but all four of them are still available on I found all of them on, except for I'm Addicted. But since that polish came out less than a year ago, I'm sure some stores still have it kicking around in a sale bin or something. If you are in the U.S., it looks like Where's My Chauffeur was re-released as part of the the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line.

Do you own any of these aqua polishes? What were your thoughts on them? Are there any you are interested in trying out?


  • Unknown said...

    I've fallen in love with Essie Viva Antigua, but I don't like the shimmer much (it makes the nail polish go goopy faster and I don't like the effect it has in this particular case).
    Am I wrong, or is is the "Where's my chauffeur" a good, shimmer-free dupe for Viva Antigua?
    looking forward to your input. :)

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