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It's Spring! Here in Canada we're pretty much experiencing second winter, but still...it's mostly Spring!

I thought I would put together my spring nail polish picks for 2015. These are colours I've been loving already this month and will continue to love and wear this entire Spring season. Essie polish bottles are just so pretty aren't they?


Mint nails are the bomb and they work on every skin tone. This colour Blossom Dandy is from the new Spring 2015 Collection called 'Flowerista'. I just got it in the mail last night and OH MY! It's perfect. It has a fabulous formula and goes on in two easy coats.  It's the brighter sister to Essie's Mint Candy Apple. If you want something lighter, go for Mint Candy Apple, but the formula and bright eye catching bluey-green of Blossom Dandy has my heart this Spring (pics and full review coming later this week).

Pale Pink

This colour truly works year round, yet for some reason every Spring I bust it out like it's brand new again.  Pale pink acts like a neutral and can be worn with anything. The colour shown in the picture is Minimalistic but Fiji, Ballet Slippers or Romper Room are all comparable versions of this pretty hue.

Barbie Pink

This colour by Essie called Lovie Dovie has been popping up everywhere this season and I honestly didn't even know it existed!  I consider myself pretty knowledgable on Essie colours and collections so this polish kind of surprised me. It's a really pretty medium pink - bright, but not too bright. Other comparable pinks would be Essie Boom Boom Room (realeased Summer 2013) which is the same colour just a bit brighter and Essie Madison Ave-Hue (full review and pics here) which is a tad darker with shimmer. I really love how fresh this pink is. In real life, this polish looks a tad lighter and less saturated.



I had to throw a red in! I love me a red nail, but come Spring I move away from my dark berry reds to more of a bright red that leans pink. My skin tone is cool so that's why I choose cool reds like this. The one shown is Style Hunter, but comparable Essie reds would be Haute in Heat and She's Pampered. If your skin tone is warm you may want a red that leans to the orange side like Essie's Lollipop, Fifth Avenue or Forever Yummy. Come Here is also a great pick, good for both cool and warm tones. 

Sapphire Blue

This is Essie's Aruba Blue and it is truly a stunner. This is an Essie polish that I knew of, but didn't know how truly beautiful it was until I started seeing it everywhere. Actually seeing someone wear it I sort of can't take my eyes off their nails. I needed it in my collection and it's a great colour for this Spring. It's a bit unexpected since it's a deviation from pastels. I have no other comparable polish suggestions to give you on this one; Aruba Blue is in a league of it's own (full review and pics here).

Blue Orchid

There's something about this dark periwinkle that makes it so intriguing. It's not quite purple, but it's not quite blue either, and it looks different depending on the light.  Suite Retreat is a great offering from the 2015 Resort Collection with a spectacular formula (full review and pics here).  There really is no other colour EXACTLY like it, but polishes that are still in the blue orchid vein just much lighter would be Boxer Shorts and Lapiz of Luxury.


My Spring picks wouldn't be complete without some pastels and for that I'll be wearing Essie's Lilacism. This colour is a bit of an enigma. It's pretty greyed out, very pale, lilac in some lights, blue in other lights. But oh so pretty! (full review and pics here).


White polish or a variation of white is EVERYWHERE this Spring. A lot of polish companies are releasing "white collections" and I'm loving off-white as a nail colour. Essie's Urban Jungle is a great dupe for the ever-popular Nails Inc. Bamboo White by Victoria Beckam. This colour is a perfect neutral and truly goes with everything (full review and pics here).


Since white nails seems to be everywhere this Spring, why not rock the trend in full?  I decided to try it out with this $2.99 bottle of Sally Hansen and I kind of love it. Yes they are stark white and bright, but it's much prettier than the white-out on the nails days of junior high. A comparable Essie polish would be Blanc.

Sheer White

I have always wanted to own Essie's Marshmallow, a sheer white that looks so classy on the nails. This is a great way to wear the trend if you are not into bright opaque white like the nails above. These nails just look so clean and fresh. I still don't own Essie Marshmallow even thought it's been on my wish list for over a year now.  It always seems to get bumped for a new release. But my friend gave me this bottle of Jessica sheer-white called 'So La!' so I'll definitely get some love and wear out this polish in the mean time. It's a great dupe for Marshmallow.

Cobalt Blue

If I'm looking for a pop of colour on my nails this Spring, this cobalt blue polish by Sally Hansen is it! It's called 'Pacific Blue' and it is one of the greatest cobalt polishes made. Sadly, Sally Hansen reformulated this polish, changing the colour and the formula but I found me a few bottles at the back of a display recently. Because I now have a back up I'm not afraid to wear this polish and give it some lovin' because honestly....look at it!  It's so gorgeous. If you aren't lucky enough to find a bottle of original formula Pacific Blue, Essie's Butler Please is a great dupe. The colour is spot on, but from what I've read, the formula is a bit trickier to work with.  If I ever run out of Pacific Blue I will definitely be buying Butler Please though.

Well that's it for my Spring picks.  It's not your typical line up of pastels in all the colours of the rainbow, so I hope that you found it inspiring.  I'm going to grab one of the brights and get it on my nails A.S.A.P. and pretend it isn't cloudy and threatening to snow again.

What colours are you wearing this Spring?


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