Nail Polish Haul - Cheap Essie, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue & Mini-Reviews

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I have a nail polish haul to share with you today.  When I gathered up all the polish I bought recently to take this picture, I was a little shocked how much I had!  Most of this was bought in the last month but some of this goes back to before Christmas. And to justify this ridiculous amount of polish I will also tell you that some of it is gifts. But most is for me (eeeep *sheepish look).

Yep.  This was totally me this month!

Ok let's get into it!

First up are these two beauties I picked up from London Drugs.  The light pink is called 'Minimalistic' and I discovered it because of @essiebuff on instagram. I added the colour to my wish list and when I walked into London Drugs, there it was on a sale display! It felt like fate, so I had to pick it up. I also found the red one called 'Lollipop'. The polishes were only marked down to $6.99 so I exercised some self-control and put Lollipop back.  Except when I paid for Minimalistic it came up as $5.49 so my will power broke down and I went back and grabbed the red too.
Red: Essie Lollipop
Pink: Essie Minimalistic

 Lollipop is a bright red with slightly orange undertones and is a fantastic jelly formula. It applies smooth as butter, no streaking and will truly look like a red candy lollipop on your nails. I loved the formula so much, but feel like it will suit me better in summer when I have a tan and my skin has warmer undertones. Minimalistic is such a gorgeous pale pink and is completely opaque in two coats.  It's very similar to Ballet Slippers or Romper Room but I like it even better.

While grocery shopping at Walmart I picked up a colour from Essie's new Cashmere Matte line that I loved called Spun in Luxe (not pictured). I ended up really disliking the formula once I got home and applied it, so I returned it and got 'Lilacism' instead (reviewed here). This pale grey-lilac is so gorgeous and I'm in love with it. Same with the off-white colour 'Urban Jungle' (reviewed here). I found this on a random display of discontinued Essie polishes at Walmart as well.  I'm always sucked into sale Essie's!
Pastel purple: Essie Lilacism
Off white: Essie Urban Jungle

This beautiful purple I ordered from as soon as it was released in Canada. It's called 'Suite Retreat' from the new Resort Collection and after seeing swatches online I ordered it as soon as I could.  Gorgeous colour and incredible formula (reviewed here).

Essie Good to Go is my all time favourite top coat. I've used a ton of different ones like the popular Seche Vite, Sally Hansen Inst-Dri and Diamond Shine, ones from OPI, China Glaze, Orly and Revlon and No Chips Ahead by Essie, and this one beats them all in my opinion. It dries fast, is super shiny, it doesn't get thick and gloopy half-way through the bottle and smooths out your manicure and makes it look glassy.  My other bottle is almost completely out, so when I was grabbing some baby food at Superstore over the weekend and saw Essie polishes on sale for $7.95 from $9.99 I grabbed it.

Then I was at Shopper's Drug Mart picking up dance makeup and eyelashes for my girls. Normally I would never buy Essie nail polish at Shopper's because they charge $11.99 for a single polish! But I was browsing around looking for sale or clearance polish (as per usual) when I spotted an Essie display at the back of the store with overstock polish on it. Certain polishes were marked down to $5.99 and I spotted Aruba Blue. This one has been on my wish list for several months and I was so stoked that it was one of the overstock polishes! I haven't tried it yet, but will probably do a post soon.
Essie polish: Aruba Blue
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polish: Pacific Blue (original formula)

I also saw that Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes were on sale for $2.99 and decided to check the very back of the display to see if there were any bottles of Pacific Blue in the original formula. Lo and behold...THREE!! Do you know about the controversy surrounding this polish?  A quick google search will show you that Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (original) was easily the best blue polish you could find at the drugstore or maybe even anywhere. It was a true one-coat wonder with an amazing formula and gorgeous cobalt blue hue. But then last year, Sally Hansen went and messed with the formula, turning it into a darker, frosty/shimmery jelly formula that is streaky and requires 3 coats to get opaque. But kept the same name.  The online nail polish community was in an uproar over the loss of their beloved Pacific Blue and you can even search the hashtag #savePacificBlue on instagram and find over a thousand posts of the original. I've owned and loved this polish for a few years and regretted not trying to get another bottle as a backup sooner.  I was so happy to find these guys stashed in the back.  One to add to my collection and a couple more to give to friends as gifts.

You'll never guess where I got these last Essie's from. Give up? It was the dollar store! Yup Dollarama has been getting random assortments of Essie polishes and I've kind of been stalking them since I found my first bottle at Christmas. I pick up a couple more each time I go. They are only $3 and the formulas have been great, not compromised at all.
Left to Right: Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now, Essie Catwalk, Essie Raisinnuts, Essie After Sex, Essie Toggle to the Top, Essie Clutch Me if You Can and Essie Under the Twilight
Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now - A good cuticle moisturizer that is not at all greasy. I've been using Lush's Lemony Flutter but my fingers are grease balls afterwards. This doesn't do that at all. It absorbs quickly and makes my cuticles look really nice. It also has a nice light scent. $3 versus Lush's $16.95? Yup, I'll take it.

Essie Catwalk - a bright red that leans to the cool side with a flash of very lightly milled pink shimmer in it. Great as a pedicure colour.

Essie Raisinnuts - a dusty deep red berry colour. I've kind of been living in this colour this winter. Great formula.

Essie After Sex -  a radiant burgundy red that almost glows. I haven't tried this one yet, but had read rave reviews prior to buying.

Essie Toggle to the Top - a deep garnet base packed with raspberry glitter from the 2012 Winter Collection. Haven't tried it yet and I honestly probably won't until the fall/winter season again, but I think it will be beautiful wearing it around Christmas.

Essie Clutch Me if You Can - I lived in burgundy polishes all winter and this added another option to my rotation. It's a deep dark reddish brown, lighter than Wicked but darker than Bordeaux with a jelly finish.

Essie Under the Twilight - I already own this but grabbed it for a friend. It's a nice smokey plum with a perfect one coat formula (reviewed here).

Alright, that's it for my haul! I should really ban myself from buying new polishes for awhile but I'm already eyeing up Petal Pushers and Blossom Dandy from the new Spring Collection so that probably won't happen! Are there any colours here you want to see a full review of? I've been thinking of dedicating an entire post on my tips to finding Essie polishes for cheap. Would that be something that would interest you? Comment below and let me know!


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