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I was going through my posts and realized I had this one in my drafts folder from last year, so I thought I'd post it. 

This one was from the Fall 2013 For the Twill of It collection (which included Cashmere Bathrobe and For the Twill of It) and it was the first colour that grabbed my attention. I love the dusty greyed out green with blue undertones.

The formula of Vested Intersted is thinner but still quite self-levelling.  It's opaque after two coats. I would suggest to not paint your coats too thick or you'll flood your cuticles. Two thinner coats is perfect.

School of Hard Rocks vs Vested Interest vs CiateVintage

I crushed hard on Essie's School of Hard Rocks for a couple of years ever since I found a picture of it on Pinterest. Last winter I finally got a chance to order it and was SO excited. About a week later I found Vested Interest on sale so I scooped it up. Turns out School of Hard Rocks and Vested Interest are basically the same colour! I would say that School of Hard Rocks has slightly bluer undertones than Vested Interest, but honestly....they are the same colour. I also own Ciate Vintage which is very very similar but maybe more grey-green than the other two.

If you already own School of Hard Rocks you won't need Vested Interest (I actually passed mine on to a friend. Since I had wanted SOHR for years I decided that's the one I should keep ;) ) If you don't own a colour like this, Vested Interest is a beautiful one.  It is currently still available on or you may be able to score it on sale/clearance at Walmart, Shopper's Drug Mart, London Drugs, etc, since it is an older collection.


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