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Thursday, March 12, 2015 4 comments
Last summer Essie released their Haute in the Heat collection.  There were a lot of great bright colours that I picked up, but completely passed over this colour called Urban Jungle.  I had it in my mind that it was kind of a beige/nude/skin colour colour.  

Fast forward to this Spring, and I am obsessed with pale pastel colours.  Colours that border on being white, with just a slight tint of hue to them. I've seen a lot of beauty you tubers wearing white nails, specifically Bamboo White by Victoria Beckham that Nails Inc released. I wanted that colour so bad, but was NOT willing to spend $28 plus shipping to get it. I did a bit of research and saw that Essie's Urban Jungle was a great dupe for it!

I found it at Walmart, which surprised me since it was last year's collection, but it was on a separate display with other colours being discontinued for $8. Score!  I scooped it up and have been loving it ever since.

It is a pretty off-white cream with very, very slight pink/orchid tones to it. Essie describes the colour as 'alabaster'. I describe it as gorgeous.

Application of this polish was decent. I have very ridgey nails and I found that two coats of polish and they were still visible.  I ended up taking the polish off and using Essie's Ridge Filling base coat first and the polish went on much smoother with no bald spots.  If you have similar nails don't skip your base.  Other than that, the polish was smooth and self-leveling and the formula was pretty excellent for such a light colour. It's very opaque.

You may be able to track this colour down in a sale bin clearing out last year's stock at any drug store or Walmart, or you can order it from


  • Unknown said...

    I love this color. I have it also in gel formula. Very similar to instant hot minus the shimmer. If you have ridges try buffing them with a polisher buffer. This will allow for complete coverage. I have over 85 essie polishes. I buy them at a nail supply store in Miami for $3.75.

  • Kindra said...

    Wow lucky you can get Essie so cheap Shelly!

    I don't buff my nails because they can also tend towards being brittle and peel easily. Since the tips can be thin because of peeling I don't want to make them even thinner. But thanks for the suggestion!

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Holly! They are close but definitely different. Topless and Barefoot is nude with pink tones and Urban Jungle is more of an off-white. I love both!

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