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Last week when I started blogging again, I showed a gorgeous blue orchid polish from the new 2015 Resort collection.  Essie releases their 'Resort' collection every year around February as a break from winter hues and a transition into Spring. They are generally quite bright and tropical colours and the offerings are always something I embrace as I've been wearing dark colours all winter. I decided to take a look back at Essie's very first Resort Collection released in 2010 and dug up a colour from my collection called Turquoise & Caicos.

Turquoise has been such a popular colour for the last few years and this particular Essie colour blew up in popularity.  The polish even became part of the permanent line so you can still find it anywhere.

Despite it's beautiful colour, the formula is annoying. It's a very thin and watery with not much opacity. Ugh...the pigmentation sucks. If you have short nails and use thicker coats you may be able to get away with 2 coats but then you run the risk of the thin formula dripping into your cuticle. Otherwise it's a 3 coater and you still have to exercise caution in application. In some cases, to truly get the desired effect you are after you're going to need 4 COATS!

If you are willing to be patient and take the time to paint all those coats, the end result is a squishy jelly-like finish, kind of reminiscent of turquoise coloured water, which is probably what they were going for with that formula.

I pulled a few other polishes from my collection to see how the colour compares.

Left to Right: Fashion Playground, Turquoise & Caicos, and First Timer

Fashion Playground is quite a light minty colour and you can see how Turquoise and Caicos is a few shades darker.  First Timer is a very opaque and pigmented green similar to Turquoise but with less dustiness. It's definitely a light bright green.

This is a very pretty Essie colour but I do wish the formula were better.  I have friends that hate their nail polish if they have to use anything beyond 2 coats. If that's you, then I would suggest passing on this colour.


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