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Thursday, March 5, 2015 2 comments

 This is the namesake of the brand new 2015 Resort collection that Essie releases every year between the Winter and Spring collection.

This was the only colour of the collection I really wanted. That pinky peach colour (Stones 'n' Roses)  has me intrigued but swatches online have differed quite significantly, some looking like a dusty pink and others more peachy. It's one I'd like to see in person before I buy. (*Updated: I did buy it! Check out my review here) But I jumped at buying this one, ordering it from nailpolishcanada as soon as it was released.


The colour of Suite Retreat is interesting. It's a bright yet dusty blue orchid and looks different depending on the light. In my photos I feel like it's leaning more to the blue side, and yet when I look in person I see more of the purple orchid tones. The difference in light also changes whether it looks bright or dusty (as you can see by my photos).  It's very pretty. And the formula is stellar!  It's opaque, smooth and self-leveling all in ONE COAT. 

Essie has done the blue orchid thing before, but never this deep and saturated. It's unique to my collection. 
Left to Right: Lilacism, Lapiz of Luxury, Boxer Shorts, and Suite Retreat

Suite Retreat vs Boxer Shorts vs Lapiz of Luxury

I would say Suite Retreat is definitely in the same colour family as Essie Boxer Shorts and Lapiz of Luxury just a few shades darker.
Left to Right: Suite Retreat, Boxer Shorts and Lapiz of Luxury

If you are into colours like this, Suite Retreat is a great addition to your collection. You won't be disappointed with a formula like this.  I ordered mine from but since it is a brand new collection it should be available at Walmart, Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, etc.



  • Unknown said...

    I was just looking at older collections, and this Suite Retreat reminds me of Shades On, All Access Pass, and No More Film! I wonder how they would compare. :)

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