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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 3 comments

Continuing on my Resort theme, I've got this pretty cornflower blue from the 2010 Resort collection to show you. This was released in the same collection as Turquoise & Caicos and both were the standout winners of that release. So much so, that they were both added to the permanent line.

Even 5 years later, this colour is still so on point. It's a cross between a periwinkle and an ash blue with the same squishy jelly finish that T&C has.


It's been a long time since I've pulled this colour out and I forgot how pretty it is! It's the kind of blue that could really be worn year round.

The formula is thin and watery just like Turquoise & Caicos. It looks like it won't have any opacity with the first coat but the second kind of surprises you and covers fairly well. I still needed a third coat to even everything out and cover the visible nail line, but short nails could probably get away with 2 coats. It's a jelly-like formula, so it kind of has that watery squishy look to it, but it also gets fairly opaque. While it has almost the exact formula and application of T&C, I would also say it's just slightly better. 

As far as comparables, Essie's Boxer Shorts is the closest thing I have in my collection. It's a shade brighter and also much more opaque with a totally different creamy formula. For some reason Boxer Shorts didn't have any staying power though, so you'll only be able to find it in a clearance bin clearing out old stock or on ebay.
Left to Right: Essie Suite Retreat, Essie Boxer Shorts and Essie Lapiz of Luxury

Lapiz of Luxury is such a pretty fresh shade for Spring nails and you should be able to find it anywhere that sells Essie.


  • Kindra said...

    Yessss! I'm thinking thevpigments are changing color though. My bottle is purple and not blue like this anymore. Maybe time for another color discrepancy post?

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