Essie Aruba Blue

Thursday, March 19, 2015 0 comments

Oh gosh. This is not at all the typical kind of polish I go for since I love me a nice cream polish, but look at that colour! Essie's Aruba Blue looks like it's literally glowing from within.

I've been seeing this colour a lot lately and it even showed up on the runway at the most recent New York Fashion Week. I added this polish to my wish list and I've been lusting after it for months!  I finally got my hands on it and it is so freaking gorgeous. My nails looked like shimmering sapphires when I wore this polish. I hate "frosted" polishes because there's this thin film of silver shimmer that I think is quite dated (I don't know why companies keep making them!) but this has none of that.

Application was beautiful.  It's a very pigmented rich polish that's not too thick and not too thin. It's a perfect formula; smooth, shiny and glowing in two coats. I would highly suggest to keep the polish far from your cuticles though. Don't try and polish right up to the edges because if you slip and get a little bit on your skin, clean up is a bit of a pain. I use a small angled brush dipped in pure acetone to clean up my cuticles which usually is a breeze.  With this polish the blue wanted to stain and stick around though. So while the formula is amazing, be slow and careful with your application.

 I wore this colour out and couldn't stop staring at my nails! It's a great colour for Spring that's a nice change up from pastel colours.

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