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I think I discovered one of my all time favorite Essie polishes this Spring.

I coveted this polish for almost a year before I finally got my hands on it.  Essie Van D'Go was released in the Spring 2010 Art of Spring Collection. Up until the last few months, it was really hard to find in Canada.  I ordered this bottle on but then also discovered Shopper's Drug Mart re-did their Essie display which now includes this beauty.


The color is a creamy pale peach-pink.  The pink in this makes it wearable on any skin tone I think.  I had worried this would be one of those colors that look totally bangin' on girls with a tan but look horrible and stupid on pale white skin like mine.


The color is just gorgeous all around.

The formula on this polish is nice.  Two creamy coats and I was good to go.


Every time I put this polish on, I fall in love all over again.  It's such a flattering color and so perfect for the Spring and Summer.

Tart Deco vs Resort Fling vs Van D'Go

I also own Tart Deco from the same Art of Spring Collection which is much more bright and coral.  It's a great pedi color, but when I wear it on my hands it kind of seems too bold.  Resort Fling from this year's spring collection is just....blech....oh but Van D'Go! So pretty.  If I didn't own fifty million nail polishes I'd probably wear this one all the time.



I'm wearing a Jamberry nail wrap on my accent nail since I went to a Jamberry party last weekend and got to try it out.  The polish I put on that day was chipped by the end of day 2 (pretty typical wear time for polish for me) but this bad boy is still hangin' on by day 5.  While that has nothing to do with this Essie polish, I thought I'd mention it in case anyone was interested.


This is pretty much my fave Spring color right now.  And possibly one of my favorite Essie polishes ever.


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