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I originally posted this on May 7, 2014. Revised pictures and text updated on March 25, 2015. I was 3 months postpartum when the original pictures were taken and my nails took a really unhealthy turn with the hormones. They started peeling and breaking and I have always hated the original pictures that I posted. I decided to update this post since my nails are much healthier now and also give updated thoughts on the collection. 

Hey there!   Having my fourth baby has made life incredibly busy, leaving not much personal time for things like painting nails and posting blogs.  I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for this Essie Resort Collection to be released in Canada which was March 1st.  I just so happened to get up to feed my newborn around midnight on March 1st, so in the middle of the night I was feeding my baby with one hand and ordering polish from with the other.

This first color is the namesake of the collection, called Resort Fling.  I really wasn't sure what I thought of it after seeing swatches online.  I hated it on some people's skin tones and on others thought it was completely gorgeous.  I really wasn't going to order it and then last minute threw it in my shopping cart and crossed my fingers that I would have a skin tone that this cantaloupe color would work with.

But it's not. As soon as I put this color on, I kind of hated it.


It's a very squishy jelly, which is also pretty sheer.  The color is sort of this dusty peach/cantaloupe but on me.....just belch.


Updated: The colour isn't as horrid as I originally thought. With broken nails and super pink skin like I originally had, yes this was terrible. Now I do think the colour is ok. If you have a warm skin tone this would look much better on you than me.

The formula is smooth and applies nice, but it is a tiny bit streaky. For these photos I applied Essie's Fill the Gap as my base and then 3 coats of Resort Fling. You can see it's still not completely opaque and I could have applied another coat.  A polish that requires 4 coats is a bit ridiculous in my opinion.


Comparison of Tart Deco vs. Resort Fling 

 When I first saw Resort Fling it reminded me of Tart Deco so here's a comparison. Essie Tart Deco is a completely opaque cream polish while Resort Fling, as I mentioned, is a sheer jelly. They produce completely different finishes. Tart Deco is also much brighter than Resort Fling and you can apply it in 2 coats, while Resort Fling is 3-4 coats.

Left: Resort Fling
Right: Tart Deco

This dark beauty is called Under the Twilight.


I thought this was a strange addition to the collection but I love dark polishes so I couldn't wait for this one.

I think this color is gorgeous.  The formula was 100% stellar as well.  It's opaque, creamy, self-leveling, not thick and goopy....just perfect. Very easy to work with. This is one coat on my nails!  One coat is hard to come by in a polish so that's pretty fantastic.


Comparison of Under the Twilight vs. Bobbing for Baubles 

In dim light these look very similar. But when compared in brighter light you can see the differences. The polishes both have the same slightly dusty dark navy creme base, but Bobbing for Baubles is a bit more blue with green undertones, while Under the Twilight is a navy with purple undertones. (Go here for a full review and pics of Bobbing for Baubles).

Left: Bobbing for Baubles
Right: Under the Twilight

This pale blue cream was the one I was most excited about.  As soon as I put on Find Me An Oasis I was stoked.  It's everything I had hoped it would be!  Gorgeous, super pale, ice blue.  I think it's a nice change from the ever popular mint polish.


The formula is ok. It's opaque in two coats, but as you can see in the photo below it's not a completely self-leveling formula. You have to be careful with application and top coat is a must to smooth out the surface of the nail.
PicMonkey Collage
Left: 2 coats of Find Me an Oasis without top coat
Right: 2 coats of Find Me an Oasis with Essie Good to Go (top coat)

This is definitely the winning polish from the collection for me because of the colour.

There was also a shimmery nude from the collection called Cocktails and Coconuts that I skipped out on.  I know nudes are huge this season but it just wasn't for me with its yellow undertones.

*Updated November 4, 2015: I picked this colour up because I found it for $3 at Dollarama. At the time that I wrote this post, I didn't own a single nude shade and wasn't into them at all. I now really like nudes and bought this one to build up my stash of nudes. The tone isn't as yellow as I originally thought it would be. It's a very neutral beige with fine silver shimmer running throughout. The formula is thin and a bit streaky. It wanted to run down the sides of my nails, leaving the tops a bit bald while the sides were opaque. It needs a third coat to even it out to make it completely opaque. The polish self-levels nicely. This is not my favourite nude, but definitely not as bad as I thought it would be.

Final Thoughts:  Meh. The two colors that I think deserve some love are Under the Twilight and Find Me An Oasis. I wished I had passed on Resort Fling.


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