Coming Soon : Essie Neons 2014 Too Taboo Collection

Saturday, May 24, 2014 0 comments

For the past few years, after Essie releases their Resort, Spring and Wedding collections in the Spring, we get offered up both a Neon collection AND a Summer Collection in the summer.  It's a lot of Essie all at once but I'm not complaining!  

This years Neon collection is more muted than in years passed.  Maybe even, dare I say....not neon? But honestly, that doesn't bother me since crazy bright neon nails are not necessarily my thing.  I have a few neon polishes that I maybe wore once or twice last Summer and I haven't had any kind of a need to wear them this year.  I'm down with a brights collection though.

Of course these colors will show up brighter if you use white as a base.  

I feel like all these colors are REALLY beautiful and work together as one gorgeous collection.  I've seen the orchid polish Sittin' Pretty in person and it is stunning.  Not neon, like I mentioned, but gorgeous none the less.  

Release Date:  May 1st so they are already widely available.  

Since these have already been released, check out swatches and reviews:

Beauty Geeks (shows colors on their own and over a white base)


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