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This is a guest post from one of my best friends and fellow nail polish fanatic Bailey Hill, who has guest blogged for various food, dating, health, and fashion blogs. She and I often differ in our polish picks but I love her style and the way she pairs various colors in one mani, yet still creates a cohesive look that compliments her fashion.  I'm so excited to share her post with you!

I am obsessed with Glitter. Unlike my Essie Envy friend here no manicure is complete without some sparkle. I love how glitter nails shimmer radiantly in the sunlight and twinkle delicately under the soft light of my bedside lamp. In my extensive nail polish collection I have almost as many glitter polishes as I do non-glitter ones. So when I first started seeing the trend of duo chromes being released in every new collection I was skeptical.

For the Twill of It in different lighting - at times a deep oil slick green and at others a beautiful amethyst.

I first saw the Essie Fall 2013 collection at Ommorphia Beauty Bar where she raved about each and every color. All of the colors looked beautiful, but the one that intrigued me was For the Twill of It, the duo chrome. Countless times I considered buying it. Every time I saw it in a store I would open up the bottle and look at the stunning, multi-tonal formula. But every time I would put it back because I just didn’t think it was sparkly enough to replace my need for glitter.

As fortune would have it, a few weeks ago I found a bottle of For the Twill of It in a $1.99 clearance bin! I couldn’t pass it up and I happily brought it home. In that same bin I also found Demure Vixen and We’re in it Together. I know in this very blog it was reported that the formula for We’re in it Together is quite bad, but I love the color and for $1.99 I couldn’t say no.

When I arrived home from my nail polish clearance shopping spree (I bought 12 polishes total that day) I of course had to paint my nails because I was dying to try out For the Twill of It. In a blog post last June, ChitChat Nails for SoNailicious coined the term Skittlette for a manicure with two accent nails. Personally, I always Skittlette! My formula is this:

Step 1: Pick 2 colored polishes that complement each other, one for my main color and one as an accent. Whichever is the more feminine of the two will be the main.

Step 2: Pick 1 glitter polish to be my second accent nail.

Step 3: For my left hand I always put the glitter polish on my index finger and the accent color on my middle finger. For my right hand I always have the glitter on the ring finger and my accent color finger is on my middle finger.

For my For the Twill of It Skitteltte Manicure I used Demure Vixen as my main color, We’re in it Together as my color accent, and For the Twill of It instead of a glitter. The result was gorgeous!

For the Twill of It is a duo chrome with a metallic gunmetal base and gleams shades of pinkish-purple and green. The formula is self leveling and applies very easily in perfectly thin layers. I only had to do two thin coats to get a full coverage look, which no sheer or bare spots. A negative of this formula is that the metallic nature of the polish does leave the appearance of brush strokes. However, after an application of top coat those brush strokes weren’t visible.


To my surprise this duo chrome has the same properties of a glitter polish that I love so much. For the Twill of It glistens beautifully in the sun and looks iridescent and eye catching under regular lighting. I also love that its multi-tonal shades make it easy to pair with many colors and the metallic base lends an edginess to a fresh, feminine manicure.  I definitely am still obsessed with glitter, but For the Twill of It will be a mainstay for my upcoming spring and summer Skitteltte’s!


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