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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 1 comments

I took a little break from posting because my baby girl was born last week! Our precious Arya came into our lives and we are so grateful, yet also learning how hectic life with four kids is going to be :)  

Last week before I went into labor, I was anticipating my baby girl would be coming soon.  Each time I painted my nails I found myself gravitating to pale, girly hues like Go Ginza and this candy pastel pink called We're In It Together.  I had never worn it before, despite picking it up about a year ago.  It's from the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection from 2012.  I came across it on a clearance shelf at Shopper's Drug Mart (me and those clearance shelves....we are likethis).  I didn't even own a pink at the time except maybe a bright fuchsia, so I loved that this one was a pretty pastel shade with iridescent shimmer in it.  The shimmer is what did me in.

I had never really had an occasion to wear this pink, so I was very excited to try out this polish finally.  Unfortunately, the formula was terrible. It was thick, yet applied very sheer and was not self-leveling.  It left bald spots that I tried to cover with each coat but because of the non-self leveling formula it made the surface of the nail very uneven and pitted looking.  I ended up doing 3 coats just to get full coverage and felt I could have even done a 4th because it still didn't seem even in some spots. Because I was doing so many coats I had to allow longer dry time in between which made this manicure take forever to do.  

After all that, I got a chip less than 12 hours later!  I wasn't even doing anything strenuous; I had served my kids breakfast (cereal), dropped my oldest off at school and then packed up my two youngest and headed to a play date where I sipped tea and ate banana bread with a friend.  When I left, I looked down and my nail was chipped.

That left me even more unimpressed with this polish.  Also, while it was the iridescent shimmer that I loved so much and made me scoop this polish up, it really doesn't show up on the nail.  These photos were taken in full sunlight and only then can you see a very slight bit of shimmer.  But not much.  Definitely no shimmer in any other light.

Color: Essie We're In It Together (3 coats)
Base: Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

So this is my first Essie polish I am giving a thumbs down.  You probably can't find this one anymore it's not even listed on the Essie website, but on the off chance you are like me and perusing clearance shelves and you do happen across this pretty pastel....pass it up.


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