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A friend who's been reading this blog, caught me last week as we were both dropping our kids off at school and told me there was an Essie clearance bin at London Drugs.  She thought of me and thought I might like to know about it.  Um yes...yes, I would!  I never go to London Drugs so I didn't even know the kind of polish selection they had but there were some fantastic finds in the clearance bin. Not just older, obscure polishes but recent ones from the 2013 fall and winter collections.  There were so many I wanted I ended up with a pretty good Essie haul by the time I left there.  At $5 a bottle when they are usually $8 I couldn't say no.  They also had the discounted Christmas packs I mentioned in my A List post, bringing the polishes to $4.50 a bottle and they had half price Sleek Sticks.

Essie Parka Perfect from the 2013 Winter Collection was one of the ones that came home with me.  I loved the dusty greyed out blue.  Dark vampy shades, greys and pastels are my jam this winter.  One of the Sleek Sticks I bought was called Steel the Show and I loved the way it paired with Parka Perfect so as soon as I got home those two were a match made in mani heaven.

Parka Perfect has really pretty shimmer in the bottle but it doesn't really translate onto the nail.  Essie is infamous for their "hidden shimmer" in polishes. But really, I'd rather it just show up on the nail.  If it's in the bottle and you like how it looks in the bottle then you kinda expect that it will be there on the nail.  Not so much with this color.  Despite that, the color is still beautiful.

Parka Perfect did not have my favorite Essie formula.  As I applied the first coat, the polish started pulling a bit, creating some bald spots.  It wasn't a big deal however, because the formula is actually fairly self-leveling and the second coat covered everything well.  In the end you get a nice smooth nail, but just be aware that the first coat can be a bit tricky.

Color: Essie Parka Perfect (2 coats)
Base: Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Accent Nail: Essie Sleek Stick "Steel the Show"
Cuticles: Essie Apricot Oil

Comparison of Essie Parka Perfect vs. Essie Vested Interest vs. Essie Maximillian Strasse Her

Side by side, Essie Parka Perfect and Maximillian Strasse Her look quite similar, although MSH is a greyed green while PP is a greyed blue.  Of course Parka Perfect also has "shimmer" ;)  I threw in Vested Interest from the 2013 fall collection just to show how it's in the same color family but way, way darker.

I still love this color and definitely think it's worth owning.


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