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Sometimes the best polish colors for your skin tone are ones that you'd never expect. Essie released quite a few pastel lilacs and lavenders last year and I hmmm'd and I haaaa'd trying to decide which shade would be the best for me.  The one I absolutely DID NOT consider was Go Ginza from the 2013 Spring Collection called Madison Ave-Hue.  I thought "no way.  It's waaaay too pale, its almost kinda pink.  That will look horrrrrible on me."  But I nudged and urged Bailey to get it because we both knew it would look fantastic on her.  Once she did, surprise surprise, it looked amazing on her, but I still had no desire to try it out for myself.

Skip forward almost an entire year and Bailey and I got together for a tea and mani date night and I so wanted to try out her Essie Hors D'oeuvres polish.  There were tiny flecks of very pale lilac glitter in the polish so something in me decided to reach for her Go Ginza to pair with it for an accent nail.  "Just to see how it looks" I thought, assuming it would be terrible and I'd be getting out the polish remover and reaching for a different color.  But surprisingly....I LOVED it!  It's such a great color.  I think the fact that it is so pale makes it work better for my skin.

Color: Essie Go Ginza (2 coats)
Base: Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Cuticles: Essie Apricot Oil

I was really expecting the formula on this polish to not be great because it's such a pale pastel and pastels can be difficult to work with.  Often they can be streaky or create bald patches but Go Ginza was okay.  I applied two coats carefully and had no real troubles with it.

Comparison of Essie Under Where vs China Glaze Sweet Hook 

vs Essie Go Ginza vs Essie Full Steam Ahead

Since I did have a few lavenders I thought I would show you how they all compare.  Essie Under Where? was from the 2013 Resort Collection and is quite pink and much darker than Go Ginza.  China Glaze Sweet Hook is the closest in color to Go Ginza but I still prefer how much more pale GG is.  Essie Full Steam Ahead was from the 2013 Summer Collection and it leans towards the blue side of lavender and also has a bit of shimmer in it.

Yep, certainly loving this color and will be sad to hand it back over to Bailey.  I guess that's one more to add to my ever-growing polish wishlist ;)


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