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Monday, January 20, 2014 2 comments

Last year when I first started to paint my nails to kick the nail biting habit, I wanted so bad to build up my stash quickly so that I had color choice. I started to scour clearance shelves or bins to find awesome brands like Essie for ridiculously low prices. This was one of those awesome finds. My friend Bailey found me this one for $2 on a clearance shelf and when she texted me and asked me if I wanted her to pick it up I sent back a very enthusiastic YES!

Essie Stylenomics is a blackened green creme that comes from the Fall 2012 collection.  I love me a dark polish and I'm pretty smitten with dark emerald greens as well, so this color is pretty perfect for me.  If truth be told, I do wish it was a little less "blackened" as to show more of the green color.  In low light (ie: indoors) it definitely looks like you are wearing black polish (although it's somehow less harsh and stark than straight up black), while outdoors in brighter lighting you can see more of the green tones.

Color: Essie Stylenomics (1 coat)
Base: Orly Nailtrition
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Cuticles: Essie Apricot Oil

The coverage on this polish is fantastic.  I only had to do one coat, although if you sport longer nails than me you would have to do two so as two completely cover visible nail line.  I wanted more of the green to show and I knew 2 coats would make this darker, so when I saw the coverage I could get out of one coat I was happily surprised!  This polish has a beautiful smooth application.  For a dark color it was so easy to apply.  

Essie Stylenomics vs. Essie Going Incognito vs. Black Polish

I wanted to show Stylenomics right next to a black polish and next to my favorite emerald green - Essie Going Incognito.  The pics seem to show that Stylenomics looks pretty black next to a black!  If you check out my pinkie finger, you can see how the 1 coat of Stylenomics does look like a darkened green though, and not quite so black.  

If dark polishes are your thing, then Essie Stylenomics is a fantastic one to own.  Absolutely stellar formula.


  • Unknown said...

    Hi Kin! I'm a secret Essie lover too. I don't have nearly the collection you do though. Hey I was wondering what your favourite polish remover is? I struggle with darker and glitter polishes.

  • Kindra said...

    Hey Carla! I don't really have a favorite polish remover, I just get whatever is at Walmart or the drug store that has acetone but might have a "moisturizing" formula. I do have a bottle of pure acetone that I picked up at Sally Beauty Supply (by M&M Meats on the South Side) that I use with really pointy cotton swabs (not the q-tip brand, I think they are called Eye Tees from Sally Beauty as well) that I use for cleaning up my cuticles or sides of my nails if I get polish on them while I'm painting. So I'll use straight up acetone to take off stubborn polish, but this tin foil method I've used as well and it works wonders!

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