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As I mentioned in my Essie Hors D'oeuvres post, I really didn't pay too much attention to the release of the 2013 Holiday Collection because so many of the polishes were textured.  Nope, no texture for this girl please.  My friend Bailey (who's as obsessed with Essie polishes as I am) has completely different tastes than I do when it comes to polish and she was really excited about this new line coming out and sent me a few links to swatches on Instagram.  One of them in particular was a video of this polish Lots of Lux, and it was just 15 seconds of this girl moving her had slowly back and forth to show the AH-MAZING sparkle of this polish.  Um okay.  Maybe you could possibly change my mind Essie.

I have never been a fan of any textured polish line.  The sandy, gritty texture was not something I thought looked pretty, nor did I think that it would feel very good on.  But I was willing to see this one in person before I ruled it out completely.  The incredibly beautiful sparkle sold me on that.  

And now that I have tried it?  I FREAKING LOVE IT.  The sandy texture is so very fine, it's not thick, chunky or bubbly and the green, blue and purple sparkles are so fine and concentrated.  The polish is somehow matte and yet dazzlingly sparkly at the same time.  

Application of this polish was surprisingly smooth.  I used two coats, the first one thin and the second one a bit thicker.  The coats dried really fast which made application pretty quick, especially since you don't need to apply a layer of top coat.   And quite frankly I'm shocked that I don't hate the feeling of it.

Color: Essie Lots of Lux (2 coats)
Base: Orly Nailtrition
Top Coat: None
Cuticles: Essie Apricot Oil

Outdoors when the light hits the sparkles it's crazy gorgeous.  I've never had a glitter polish quite like this one before.  Even indoors, in low lighting the glitter still catches the light and has a beautiful sparkle.  The whole time I wore this mani, I would hold up my hands and just admire my polish.

 I'm not sure I'm converted to being a texture polish lover (or even liker) but Essie whole-heartedly convinced me on this one.  Even my husband who actually isn't a big fan of painted nails, commented on this one and said it was the first polish he ever really liked. Gorgeous polish Essie!


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