Coming Soon : Essie 2014 Resort Collection - Resort Fling

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 0 comments
In my meandering around the interwebs, I came across some exciting news: New 2014 Resort Collection to be released February 1st!

Last year's collection was full of bright colors and after buying just a couple shades, I couldn't stop myself from buying the whole dang thing.  This year's collection is interesting.  Very subdued colors, with a neutral, two pastels and a dark indigo.
I find that these promo pics aren't completely accurate to what the colors actually look like, but so far I'm loving how they interplay with one another.  Find Me an Oasis looks like a beautiful icy blue, kind of reminiscent of Borrowed & Blue from one of the previous wedding collections.  Cocktails & Coconuts  looks like it may be sporting a slight shimmer, making it possibly a lighter cousin to Mochaccino.  I'm totally digging that dark indigo and if Resort Fling ends up being a nice light coral peach they will definitely be fulfilling a color I wanted last Spring but no polish collections released.

My best source for picking up polishes here in Western Canada is (with free shipping and the cheapest price!) so I will definitely have my eye on it in the next month.

Edited: It was released February 1st in the U.S. but we in Canada will have to wait until March.


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